Darkness in the Mists

Session 1 Recap

Episode 1: Greenest

Entering Town

The party saw Greenest being attacked by a dragon from a distance. As they approached, it became clear that more than just a dragon attacked, as humans, kobolds, and drakes ran around the city as well, terrorizing the populace.

The party helped a commoner, Linan Swift, defending her family from kobolds and eventually escorted them through some back channels to the castle. Once there, they were begged by the Governor, Tarbaw Nighthill, to help defend the keep. They agreed, ushered by Princess Serenity, and he directed them to his Dwarven Castellan, Escobar the Red.

Escobar informed them of a group of a number of problems: The mill was going to be burned down, and the guards heard reports of citizens attempting to hide in the Church.

After looking around, the party realized that the mill was a trap — it wasn’t really being burned down at all, but rather being made to look like it as a facade! The Church took priority, then. They killed some enemies setting a fire outside the walls and snuck in through a back door.

Jandar convinced the people to follow everyone out as Jurgen went outside to pick a fight with some more Kobolds and Drakes. When they were dead, he scared off another group with a particularly fierce roar.

The people taken back to the Keep, the party turned their attention to the Dragon attacking the keep. Kallisti convinced him to back down with an incredibly moving argument that he would be better served guarding his own hoard than helping some humans to steal a pittance of treasure, and he flew away.

The party was exhausted at this point, but as the sun was just coming up, a giant of a man, half-draconic, strode out of the morning mist and shouted a challenge. He would return four of the prisoners taken in the raid, if someone would come to meet him in single combat. Unbidden, Jurgen Jurgenson stepped forward to take the challenge.

Cyanwrath proved too much of a challenge for the adventurer, and Jurgen was struck low, but he managed to pull through with the aid of local Clerics, as the raiders marched off into the misty morning.


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