Carnival Poster

Jandar’s Poster

The poster has a large image that fills the majority. A grotesque-looking creature peers into a mirror, but the face that smiles out at him is that of a perfect, handsome man.

Across the top and bottom, a slogan in fine purple ink reads: “Things are not always what they seem at the…”

Across the very bottom, in bright red ink, which seems to stand off the page, is a single word:


Jurgen’s Poster

A portrait of a large man, looming over another, fills the poster. The big man is wearing an executioner’s hood and a great axe that complete the picture.

Faded yellow text across the bottom proclaims: “Are you man enough to face… THE BRUTE?”

At the top of the page, in finely-written text in red inked script, is a single word:


Kallisti’s Poster

The majority of the poster is taken up by a large picture of misshapen horrors, huddled together. They might have once born some similarity to men, but now they are grotesque monsters.

Across the bottom of the image is a finely-painted bright blue slogan: “Come and see the weird and mysterious in Doctor Pascali’s House of Horrors.”

Below that, in equally-fine red text that fills the bottom of the poster, is a single word:


Serenity’s Poster

The poster’s main image depicts a circle of wagons; inside are what you assume to be people, but from the distance they are drawn, it appears as little more than smudges of charcoal on the page.

A slogan in green ink promises “A safe haven against the dangers that lurk in the mists”.

Across the bottom, in finely-rendered red script that fills the bottom of the poster, is a single word:


Carnival Poster

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