Darkness in the Mists

Session 4 & 5 Recap

Part 3: Verbrek

OOC: Session 4 was very short, as Jurgen’s player couldn’t make it until more than an hour later than normal, and then Jurgen and Jandar Abzan both had to go to work after about an hour after that. That’s why I didn’t post a recap last week.

The party woke up to find themselves abandoned outside of the ruins of Greenest; they went into the town, but a huge group of undead and Kobolds scared them off, so they went back into the mists. They found the bodies again, and this time the Monk got up and attacked them. After a long and difficult fight, the party managed to defeat him.

Then things started to get a little weird, though Content Not Found: jurge-jurgenson couldn’t place it right away; an Ogre came out of the mists and Jurgen attacked it alone. He was taking a beating when he woke up in a carnival vardo the next morning. None of the rest of the group had any recollection of the dream; it was his dream alone.

They mentioned strange dreams to Tindal, who sheepishly admitted that they suspected the Illuminated Man to have tattooed one of the men who they’d killed. He suspected that it was one of the magical tattoos that the Man was known for, and not one of the good ones. The group checked themselves, and sure enough, Jurgen had a tattoo on his leg.

It moved, but he caught it with a blade and started cutting, and it seemed to explode on his skin and disappear. After a thorough check of the party, they realized, it was gone. The group spent the rest of the day hanging around the carnival, seeing the other acts, and then [[:isolde | Isolde] stepped out of her vardo and signalled for them to move on.

Tindal gave the heroes a choice: To stay with Madame Fortuna, or to stay with the Man and the Imp.

The girls stayed with Madame Fortuna; the men with the Man and the Imp. They got their fortunes read, but in the end nothing of particular significance happened until they rolled to a stop outside of a small town on a river.

There, they began living in earnest among the carnival workers by performing their own acts; Serenity performed benedictions, while Jandar Abzan played his violin. Jurgen fought in the pits, and Kallisti did something as well — OOC, nobody can remember what she did.

Then a funny thing happened. Somebody took a shine to the Snake Mistress. When he got a little handsy, Tindal stepped in and got a knuckle sandwich for his efforts. Before things could get any uglier, the face-painted workers stepped in, swarmed the guy, and grabbed him. The rest of the day passed without comment until the evening.

Tindal sought the heroes out and told them they ought to see what was to come — under the big top, tied to the pole, was the same man. Unceremoniously, one of the carnies came up and hit him. Then another, and another, a long string of folks; Jurgen joined in, as well.

The next day, they saw a frail, studious-looking man in spectacles. Over the sound of the crowd, Jandar Abzan managed to hear the man, speaking to Isolde, ask if she knew what she was doing keeping company with a Paladin.

Jurgen decided to go talk to Wood’n Head and tried to buy the recipe for his rejuvination formula; naturally, he refused, but ever-helpful Kallisti offered to copy it down from memory, and Jandar Abzan, Jurgen, and Kallisti each made up a batch before the night.

That night, though, they heard screams coming from town, and when they investigated, they found wolves dragging people from their homes and into the streets. It was a close thing to keep them from disappearing out into the wheat-grass and into the night, but the four of them managed to stop them.

Kallisti, for her part, decided to try to break into Isolde’s vardo. She had the good sense to get out before she was caught when she heard Isolde stirring.

The next day, they went back into town, where they found a church of the Wolf God. That led them next to the Burgomeister’s house, who expressed a profound fear of the wolves that filled the forests.

Of course, our heroes had no reason to believe there was anything to fear. They went out and found themselves a wolf, and with Kallisti’s Warlock skills she spoke to him. His name was Peter Timothy, and she brought him back to town, and introduced him to the mayor. When it transformed and started attacking people, things got out of hand, but through some ingenuity and an aggressive approach, the heroes managed to pull through.

They returned to the carnival, and Kallisti took another gander into Isolde’s tent, though this time she had the presence of mind to put on a magical disguise—imitating Doctor Pacali. At the same time, Jurgen went off to meet with Wood’n Head again, and decided to make his play by revealing that he’d made a batch of the elixir.

He didn’t like that one bit, and he went off to tell Isolde. The next morning, Isolde confronted the both of them. The days passed, after that, fairly quickly and easily, and it wasn’t long until they moved on to another town. But they’re not done with Verbrek and the Timothy clan just yet…


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